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True Comfort

True Comfort is a design concept that combines Interaction and Industrial design to create the settings for a perfect travel experience. The design aims at train passengers who travel daily, to novice passengers traveling for the first time.

True Comfort a Ergonomic interior design, Service design and Interaction design.

Ergonomic Interior Design:
The Interior design is shaped from my view on ergonomics, instead of classic German ergonomics which creates design based on the average height of the passenger. True Comfort is designed to adapt to the individual commuter. There is two sliding head rests and the back rest is concave which enables the passenger a variety of seating positions. The sliding head rest will, at its outer positions, create a more erect position for the passengers head. The sliding head rest can also be used to create an open or closed seating experience for the passenger.

Service Design/Interaction Design:
A significant part of the True Comfort service design is the train ticket. It is equipped with a Sema-code on the back which enables the data, such as; time, destination and ticket type to be changed even after the ticket has been printed as the Sema-code refers to a specific data bundle in the ticket network. and the passengers don’t need the conductor to control their tickets as long as they scan it in the seatscanner at their seats. And by using their mobile phone plus the sema-code on the ticket they can get a free infocall 5 to 20 min before they arrive at their destination, and this will adjust if the trail is running late or early. the train conductors overview of scanned tickets is in the luggage shelf in form of light color coding text.  The lights in the luggage shelf, in the cupholder and on the back of the headrest is a helping guide for the passengers on the journey. it shows the passengers where there seat is and lights up when they are arriving at destination.

Solo project. Bachelor project 2008 (including written report) 12 weeks

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