Someday Design


Project with Lego Mindstorm. May-June 2007 - 6 weeks

Made in collaboration with: Miriam Brostrøm and Mir Toftemark Nielsen

Cooperation with Lego and the Design school Kolding resulted in:
The Aqreature.
A waterloving Lego Mindstorm based robot. Play and smiles is what drives
the Aqreatures interaction with both humans and other Aqreatures.

The assignment were given by LEGO Mindstorm with the aim to create future robotics and show how robots can be implemented in our lives.

and the result was a working robot; the Aqreature

The Aqreature is designed to apparel to children. as companies in the pool or on the beach and on land. it’s not a fast walker, it’s a stabile swimmer.

The Aqreature is personified by a small amulet that works as a brand for Aqreatures, and a way to call the creature to you and as a way to let you know when it needs charging.

During the recharging phase it is possible to follow the Aqreature’s dreams
on the Internet. The dreams takes place at a fairytale-like island called
Lacevia where the Aqreature
plays with other spices of Aqreature’s from around the real world.

During the project i was the key person for all programming and physical computing. and that increased my big passion for interaction design.

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