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Nullergemmerns Hemlighed (The secret of the dust buddies)
In my Master from interaction design. I work with concept interaction design in a
cooperation with DR Ramasjang.

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True Comfort

True Comfort is a design concept that combines Interaction and Industrial design to create the settings for a perfect travel experience. The design aims at train passengers who travel daily, to novice passengers traveling for the first time.

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First class breakfast service

Projekt for Tryk Fonden. February 2008 - 4 weeks, made in collaboration with:
Ewa Sendecka, Lisa Fleck, Marie Jumelin, Julie Østrem Nilesen and Rikard Zetterlund.

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Project with Lego Mindstorm. May-June 2007 - 6 weeks
Made in collaboration with: Miriam Brostrøm and Mir Toftemark Nielsen

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Grundfos Gaia

Project For Grundfos. November 2007 - 4 weeks
made in collaboration with: Andre Harley and Mads Köser

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Swing lamp

Swing lamp
A lamp for kids with an active mind.
2 weeks solo project.
You can swing, climb, tie knots, use it to build forts and paint on it!

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